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Get  to  Know  Solely You

For years, we’ve been providing creative souls with the supplies they need to create masterpieces. Since our founding, our clients have relied on us for a well-stocked catalog as well as our exceptional service.

Here at Solely You, it is our firm belief that people were made to create. It’s the reason why our business has now been more focused on DIY kits, so anyone who wants to try their hands at making something beautiful can have all the tools and supplies they need to create their projects at home.

We never offer blank cutouts because we know you can’t make magic from just that. Instead, we give you every cutout, piece, and part you will need, all within a fun kit so you can create an amazing-looking product yourself!

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So many times our guests come into our shop saying, “Oh, I’m not crafty!” Well, when they receive every craft essential inside a simple kit they realize they don’t need to be crafty. They come back to us with a sense of accomplishment after creating their first masterpiece.

Just bring your creativity and willingness to learn! Before you know it, you will have built a wooden sign, pieced together from scratch that is worthy of your walls. Come alone or bring your friends and family to share in our custom wood sign workshops. You will have a creative experience you won’t forget!

SolelyYou is growing every year, and we’re using it as an opportunity to improve our already impressive product selection. If there’s something you can’t find, please let us know - custom orders are always available. And of course feel free to reach out with any questions, we’re happy to help!


Meet the maker

So I started this journey with little knitted baby hats. I made them for my daughter when she was first born and I quickly had so many that my husband suggested that I start to sell them. In 2007 I opened my Etsy shop called Knitty Bitty Apparel. I added bracelets and onesies and had that shop for several years until I stumbled upon wooden door monograms. I added them to my Etsy shop and it quickly took it.


I then changed my name to Solely You - Custom made just for you! I was able to acquire the CNC router needed to make my wooden projects and moved the operation to my garage. I wanted to be able to make more intricate signs so I purchased a small laser and ran it out of my kitchen. I quickly found the need for another one so I then had two lasers in my kitchen.


My projects seem to take over the whole house so in 2021 I found a retail space that allowed me to have my workshop in the back and a nice retail shop in the front. I am now able to host workshops that seats up to 18 people.


My DIY craft kits are a huge hit too! It is a complete kit that allows people to make fun and creative projects at home! I believe people were made to create and it brings me so much joy to give people the tools to be able to make their own masterpiece!!

Hope to create with you soon !

Best Wishes,

Stacey M.

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